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The guiding principle in my practice of family medicine is to treat each patient as a unique and complete person, looking at their specific disease risk and medical conditions, and form a strong partnership with them to carry out a plan that will improve their health and minimize their risk of serious illness.

I am passionate about using a combination of traditional medicine in tandem with evidence-based, safe alternative therapies tailored to the puzzle that is each patient.

I enjoy the unhurried appointments I have in my MDVIP-affiliated practice, similar to a concierge medical practice, as I am able to develop a close relationship with each patient as we work together to achieve their health goals.

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Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention

Dr Barreto is a BaleDoneen Method Preceptor trained to use advanced lab tests and imaging to directly check each patient for hidden signs of arterial disease and recommend optimal preventive care.  Utilizing The BaleDoneen Method Dr Barreto offers a unique, comprehensive and science-based approach to detecting, preventing and treating CVD that has been shown in two peer-reviewed studies to halt or reverse the disease and prevent heart attacks and strokes.

​I will partner with you to develop a tailored, comprehensive wellness plan that delivers in-depth knowledge and one-on-one support all year long.

​Integrative Medicine - Barreto Health Care

​Integrative Medicine

An Integrative Medical Approach called Anti Aging can help you live the life you want to live. If you are overweight, feel sluggish or tired, and your sex drive is down, as an A4M Board Certified Anti-Aging Provider, Dr. Barreto will perform a thorough history and lab evaluation, and recommend a comprehensive Anti-Aging plan.

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